Payment for Services: $200 for the first session and then $150 per session thereafter. I do accept all major credit cards.

The sliding scale reflects only cash discount as if the client were going to pay by cash. 

To answer: “what’s considered cash?” It is simply check or cash. All fees will be payable at the beginning of each session. No exceptions unless they are agreed upon in advance. 

A 24 hour notice must be given for cancellation of any appointment made via voicemail OR Text message ONLY, otherwise the client will be responsible for payment in full. EMAIL DOES NOT COUNT for Cancellation! In case of emergencies or illness exceptions can be made. 

Although I am rarely available for crisis counseling; if the occasion presents itself in which I am able and called upon to intervene in crisis with you, the cost is $275 per hour which will be billed by the minute. Thereby 60 minutes will equal $275(assuming cash discount).

If a client’s payment by check is returned due to insufficient funds, the client will be charged for all NSF charges and penalty fees.

Clients may be asked to undergo testing. The cost of the assessment will be discussed ahead of time. I administer some tests and other testing may be referred to a psychologist or psychiatrist.

To pay for services and/or products rendered in therapy use the “Make Payment to Nathan Hawkins” button below. This is provided through paypal. You do not need a paypal account to pay. However, when you input your info it will ask you to create a password. Enter whatever you choose. In doing this you will be in the beginning phase of starting a paypal account but you do not need to continue with verification unless you want to. The payment process should take you less than 5 minutes. I have found it to take about 1-2 minutes.