“Our Greatest Need”

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Kristine Langridge, our new Licensed Pastoral Counselor here at Life Encounter Counseling shares the following. Be encouraged!

The greatest need in our lives often goes unnoticed. We pray for a miracle, for answers, for relief, the cries of our heart go out to the Lord. These tend to wind up being secondary needs to God though. He is always looking to heal an issue at the root, we tend to just want band aids to bring instant comfort. When that happens we are most often thinking about our current situation, -what we think we need the most in our life in that moment to bring a resolution. However, in reality, it is our spirit that whispers back to God, “Yes Lord, heal the greatest need.”

About a year ago I went walking by myself in downtown Portland. I saw a homeless woman and my heart strings were plucked, “she’s hungry.” The humanity in me saw a basic need, a need I saw with my eyes of flesh. As I went to buy her lunch, I heard Jesus speak to my heart. “Yes, buy her lunch, but sit down with her to eat it, talk to her about her day, make physical contact with her, touch her arm when you speak with her, like you do when you are out with a friend. She is your friend and your sister. Do not treat her like a beggar or just another homeless person on the street. Give her respect, she needs to feel some dignity from another human being.” This, He said, was the greatest need. Yes, she was hungry and I met that need but He showed me a deeper hunger in her, the greatest need was to feel loved, valued, to feel worth, to feel “normal.” Yes, lets always try and meet the basic needs when we see them, but let’s also ask Jesus to show us the greatest need for each person that is before us on any given day, ask for his heart for them and he will indeed show us how to be healers of the root issue and not just treat secondary symptoms.

When I got back to my car that day I just sat and cried. I thought about how many times we ask for a miracle or think he just didn’t hear our prayers because we didn’t receive what we prayed for. Or we begin to think we must have done something to have hindered the answer or miracle. Not so! God is a loving Father and He always provides for what his children need most, just as earthly fathers would do for their children. However, most times we really aren’t aware of what we truly need the most. But how good of him to answer what the spirit within us really cries out for, like that woman did that day in Portland. Jesus always answers, but he does so in the way that is going to bring the most healing to us. Selah…
By; Kristine Langridge

Consider Matthew 5

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