Las Vegas Trauma

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The tragic shooting in Las Vegas affected anyone connected to the event. This means if you watched it and could empathize, had family there, were in Las Vegas at or near the time or were actually there then you are affected.  Personally I was on a flight out just hours before everything happened. My mind often drifts wondering “did I … Read More

Living with a “Ray Rice”

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Ray Rice a famous football player is in the news right now for punching his wife, rendering her unconscious and then dragging her unconscious body out of an elevator. I would not encourage you to watch the video of it…it’s out there. IF you have seen it consider that statistically it is VERY likely that this has been going on … Read More


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Trauma is very real but very subjective. It can make you feel crazy and out of control of your own faculties! Psychological trauma is most well-known for giving you nightmares, unwanted thoughts and flashbacks. However there are two other normal and lesser known symptoms. The first is dissociation. Dissociation is when your mind disconnects from present and falls into a timeless … Read More