UP with the Sun Down with the Rain How mood travels with the weather

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  This time of year is very difficult in the Pacific Northwest. In fact everyone above the 45th  parallel (roughly Salem Oregon) on the globe struggles a bit more for a variety of reasons. However, if you or your loved one struggles with seasonal affective disorder, bi-polar disorder, depression, anxiety or another mood disorder this time of year can be … Read More


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I just thought I would write a quick blog on the topic of marijuana. Is it bad for you? Yes it is a known carcinogen and will give you cancer. It also is addictive and has contributes to schizophrenia somehow still not quite fully understood and the withdrawal process can cause anxiety and paranoia. Can it be good for you? … Read More

Living with a “Ray Rice”

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Ray Rice a famous football player is in the news right now for punching his wife, rendering her unconscious and then dragging her unconscious body out of an elevator. I would not encourage you to watch the video of it…it’s out there. IF you have seen it consider that statistically it is VERY likely that this has been going on … Read More