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Meet Kristine

Licensed Pastoral Counselor and Life Coach

Ever since I was a young girl I can remember walking around with a notebook in my hand and documenting everything that was happening in my home, writing down what was said and asking if everyone was okay. In grade school I actually played Lucy from the comic strip Peanuts in our school play. I set up an office and put my shingle out ready to give advice. I knew at an early age I was called to be a counselor. It was confirmed all throughout my life by friends who sought my advice and just felt a peace talking to me, it then continued on into university as well. It was something that just happened so organically and inherently for me. I trust that because there was no striving involved and it’s not something I just decided I’d like to do one day. I think to be a counselor one must know that they are indeed called to it.

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After university I entered into full time women’s ministry. I spoke at conferences and women’s retreats, lead various prayer groups within the U.S. and abroad. I counseled abroad living out of one suitcase for 12 years. I also taught in British Columbia for a year which was an outstanding and beautiful experience! As an ordained itinerant minister, licensed pastoral counselor and certified life coach, I feel I have gleaned a certain amount of life experience at the ripe age of 50 that can speak to many different areas of struggles for my clients. I’ve learned quite a bit about human behavior on my travels. I am fascinated with the mind and love doing research on how the brain works and the whys of human behavior. I also look forward to continuing my education on to the masters and doctorate program.

I have experience with spiritual abuse, working with leadership in women’s ministry, 12 step programs, co-dependency, identity issues, struggles with fear, and relationship issues. I am an avid fan of cognitive behavior therapy, and use it frequently. I believe that most, if not all of our struggles are birthed from the thoughts we entertain. There is a verse I love that I believe rings true for all walks of faith. “As a man thinks in his heart, so is he.” As humans we tend to be very habitual and often need re conditioning in order to overcome certain obstacles that we struggle with at different points on our journey. We often speak common catch phrases that have been around for decades not realizing the damage it is doing because that which we continue to magnify will indeed be the leading force in our lives and if your self dialogue has been negative and you wake up one day and find you have lost your joy, it is only because your thoughts have brought you there.

Another quote I love that is applicable here is, “A man sees in the world what he carries in his heart.” Again, we find that whatever we hold in our heart and in our dominant thoughts, which is what we will see in our world, in our lives, in others, our relationships, our friendships and our workplaces. There is one last quote I will leave you with. “We are all just walking each other home.” I just love that because to me it says we are all connected, we are all brothers and sisters and have something to share as we walk with each other a while. I am genuinely honored to walk with you on this part of your journey, as I know being vulnerable with someone is a risk you take and I don’t take that lightly.

I am a woman of integrity, honesty and loyalty. I am a woman of strong faith and will treat what you share with me from your heart as a precious gift. What I offer you in return for your vulnerability is a safe place where you will not feel condemned or judged. I will take everything that is shared with me to prayer before God. May your heart be encouraged and your wings be strengthened as you take the next step forward on your journey. – Kristine

Kristine’s Fee

Kristine’s fee is $125 per session. Any curiosities as to the flexibility of this rate should be addressed with Kristine.

Education and Training:

  • Ordained Itinerant Minister, BA
  • Certified Life Coach

Areas of Interest and Experience:

  • Life coaching; Identifying Strengths/Gifts/Goals
  • Co-dependency
  • Relationship Issues
  • Spiritual Abuse
  • 12 Step Principles
  • Self Esteem
  • Communication
  • Women’s leadership counseling
  • Couples counseling
  • Faith issues


Pastoral Counseling

LPC (Licensed Pastoral Counselor) Licensed Pastoral counselors often work with people who are experiencing emotional difficulties and wish to address these matters in the context of faith and spirituality. Most pastoral counselors believe that by integrating psychology and spirituality into the counseling experience it offers the counselee a more holistic approach to healing. The pastoral counselor helps their clients use the resources of personal faith to respond to their presenting situation.

Pastoral counselors do not diagnose or treat mental health disorders unless they are licensed through a local state board of mental health providers. “Licensed” Pastoral counselors are licensed under the umbrella of the church unless otherwise specified. They attend their local church.

Christian Pastor counselors are also under the authority of an accountability group, pastor and the Lordship of Jesus Christ. In our offices at Life Encounter they are required to meet regularly with our mental health supervisors, join in group supervision and maintain the confidentiality and HIPPA approved ethics of a mental health practice.

From our founder Nathan Hawkins:

“I hired Kristine because she has more than a decade of experience counseling and teaching in other countries and leading groups. She has wide range of experience in dealing with co-dependency and domestic violence and marital issues.

She has chosen to focus more on counseling in that she has done work to formalize her credentials and intends on continuing to a master’s degree and likely doctoral program. This is her passion she absolutely loves people.

Even though she can’t diagnose or treat mental health disorders yet she has more experience than many mental health professionals with the issues she does focus on. It is great to have her on our team!”

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