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I just thought I would write a quick blog on the topic of marijuana. Is it bad for you? Yes it is a known carcinogen and will give you cancer. It also is addictive and has contributes to schizophrenia somehow still not quite fully understood and the withdrawal process can cause anxiety and paranoia. Can it be good for you? Yes it is a known pain manager. It is likely scores better than opiates for pain management. Is it hypocritical to be “okay” with alcohol and not with marijuana? Sure people can have whatever opinions they want to have. The truth is once in a while type usage (1 time/month or less) is not really that big of a deal.

Marijuana is not the demon nor is the savior that some people think it. If you don’t care about cancer it is likely safer than alcohol.  But I cannot get “contact” drunk either and alcohol does not stink to high heaven.  As my cop friend would say he has never been to a domestic violence call because someone lost it while high on marijuana.

However, there is a culture to marijuana use that seems nearly inescapable.  As I work with teens who use marijuana I would say that they typically lack motivation, they are distractible, they think they are smarter and more in control than they are, they mostly hang out with other teens who also get high, they have a lower regard for their own personal hygiene, they are more likely to be arrogant and dismissive, their friendships are not as broad and as deep as their non-smoking peers, their life goals and visions are usually unrealistic.

Also just an interesting aside it seems that ADHD or pronounced social anxieties are common mental health problems that pre-existed the marijuana use and remain throughout the usage process. Also interesting, the withdrawal process involving anxiety and paranoia only works to “prove” to the anxious user that they should keep using.

Do I want my kids to use marijuana? Unless they have (God forbid) a significant chronic pain issue, NO. It’s not worth it and the culture is not sustainable for a thriving life vision. Thoughts?

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