“Do you take insurance?”

“Yes” is my short answer. However, I have learned through experience that insurance companies often want to dictate treatment, although they will not state it that way.

Also, I have found that the co-pay for some clients has been sometimes as much as 40% of my fee AFTER THE DEDUCTIBLE and then there are only a certain amount of sessions that are covered.

In addition, you need to know that in order for your insurance to pay they will need a diagnosis from me, which will go on your permanent medical record.

I have found that when people understand this they begin to realize they have more freedom than they thought in taking of charge of their own mental health. Because of these things I am flexible.

I believe my fee is quite reasonable; however, there are as many unique financial situations out there as there are people so just talk to me. For these reasons I am currently not on many insurance panels and thereby not “in network.”

However, I am currently on the Blue Cross, Tricare, Pacific Source, United Health Care, OPTUM and MODA/ODS insurance panels.

Likewise I find myself regularly working “out of network” successfully with: Cigna, MHN, Healthnet, Lifewise, Cigna Behavioral Health, Pacific source, and many other less recognized plans.

I prefer to bill in advance and give you the appropriate documentation with which to pursue reimbursement. However many times I am able to bill for you electronically. In some cases additional insurances possibly offered by your company such as Flex Plans may be utilized as well.