Parenting Through Vacation

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Parenting Through Vacation We think of vacation as fun and something we look forward to. We often have vacation routines. We all have body clocks. We all have what we are already used to.  Your kids are used to school and you are used to your daily routine that DOESN’T include the kids. You have your ideas about the summer … Read More

You Love your Friend but you’re Exhausted!

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You love your friend but your exhausted… You’ve known and cared about your friend for awhile now. You honestly do want to help but you also are done hearing about their issues and you feel guilty for wanting to avoid them. This isn’t the first time you’ve felt like this and it likely won’t be the last. But what do … Read More


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I just thought I would write a quick blog on the topic of marijuana. Is it bad for you? Yes it is a known carcinogen and will give you cancer. It also is addictive and has contributes to schizophrenia somehow still not quite fully understood and the withdrawal process can cause anxiety and paranoia. Can it be good for you? … Read More

Grief: Moving on…

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Grief Counseling Grief is a natural response to loss. The more significant the loss the more intense our experience of the grief will be.  Grief may be associated with the loss of a loved one, a job, health, or divorce, which can distort our sense of direction or identity. Most losses prompt a need for some sort of change in … Read More

How Much Freedom Should We Give Our Kids?

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How much freedom should we give our kids? Most parents will agree that it is better for children to play in the yard than to be on Ipad’s or videogames. However most parents these days will also tell you to always watch your kids when they are outside and then lament how much better it was when they were kids.  … Read More

Living with a “Ray Rice”

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Ray Rice a famous football player is in the news right now for punching his wife, rendering her unconscious and then dragging her unconscious body out of an elevator. I would not encourage you to watch the video of it…it’s out there. IF you have seen it consider that statistically it is VERY likely that this has been going on … Read More

Opportunity Knocking?

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John got up in the morning as he did every day and began his normal process of going to work. He was immediately stressed out; which, as he thought about it, was becoming too normal. He had to make sure he would be home earlier today which meant doing the same job faster. His wife needed him to watch the … Read More

Dating to see if you relationship is viable?

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Working on it? Your relationship I mean… I can’t tell you how many times people “work on” their relationship by dating someone else. This is not working on your relationship. It is avoiding your relationship because you believe it is basically over but you are too scared to actually cut it off. If you are too scared to cut it … Read More

Christian Sex?

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Ahh. The all too famous topic of sex! Of course you have read, heard watched and been a part of sex…at least if you are married I am safe to say that!  It is most likely though you were sexual before you were married. So to the many of you reading this that are not married, you are of course … Read More

Dating After Divorce? Consider your children…

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Dating after divorce can hold mixed feelings and emotions. I often get asked about how to consider your kids needs and yours as well! Five things to keep in mind regarding “telling/parenting your children”…1. It would be bad if they were introduced to someone significant and then you were getting married within a couple months. 2. It will not help them … Read More