You Don’t Deserve to be Happy BUT You Do Deserve to be Loved

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We don’t deserve Happiness We do deserve Love The definition of “Happiness”: good fortune : prosperity; a pleasurable or satisfying experience. I hear it from people all the time, “I just want to be happy.” Or “they deserve to be happy” or “I deserve to be happy!” The problem with this is that happiness cannot be counted on. Happiness is … Read More

Your Secrets Are No Secret to Your Spouse

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The secret world in your head is not a secret to your spouse and in fact your family knows it pretty well too! Don’t get me wrong there are still some places you have all to yourself in that head of yours. However, generally speaking your spouse knows your growth edges better than you. That is because they have to … Read More

Las Vegas Trauma

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The tragic shooting in Las Vegas affected anyone connected to the event. This means if you watched it and could empathize, had family there, were in Las Vegas at or near the time or were actually there then you are affected.  Personally I was on a flight out just hours before everything happened. My mind often drifts wondering “did I … Read More

“Fake it Till you make it!” ~Have Faith

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I often find myself telling people “just fake it till you make it.” Although this seems a little insincere the truth is that it is based in some solid neuroscience. The way knowledge makes its way into our hearts for change is through faith. Faith is risk. Often times we know what we need to do, or agree with our … Read More

“Our Greatest Need”

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Kristine Langridge, our new Licensed Pastoral Counselor here at Life Encounter Counseling shares the following. Be encouraged! The greatest need in our lives often goes unnoticed. We pray for a miracle, for answers, for relief, the cries of our heart go out to the Lord. These tend to wind up being secondary needs to God though. He is always looking … Read More

UP with the Sun Down with the Rain How mood travels with the weather

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  This time of year is very difficult in the Pacific Northwest. In fact everyone above the 45th  parallel (roughly Salem Oregon) on the globe struggles a bit more for a variety of reasons. However, if you or your loved one struggles with seasonal affective disorder, bi-polar disorder, depression, anxiety or another mood disorder this time of year can be … Read More

Everything Happens For a Reason

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As I sit here thinking about the Thanksgiving and Christmas season I have a few thoughts. These thoughts are based in belief and therefore biased by nature. I would challenge you to read through either way and “translate” it to yourself if need be. I often hear “I know everything happens for a reason but…” The truth is everything does … Read More

Online Counseling

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Online Counseling What if your therapist was just a click away? No more office appointments, no more sitting in traffic, and zero potential for that awkward encounter in the waiting room. Online counseling is an up and coming trend, which is easy to fit into a busy schedule. It allows people to stay in the comfort of their own homes … Read More