Nichole Kistler, MA
Counselor 2

As the middle of three, incredibly loud, children I learned long ago the importance of listening and carefully processing conversations. I have always had a fascination with stories and love hearing other people’s life stories and all about the important events in their lives. These two qualities quickly lead me down the path of becoming a counselor.

I feel that I have found my calling in coming alongside those who have been struggling. You might have either tried or thought about trying counseling before and just never quite seemed to click with anyone. I hope to seek out those who feel misunderstood and alone in the world, especially those who feel anxious or scared for seemingly no reason at all. I welcome the opportunity to help soften those who feel they might be a “hard nut to crack” and delve into a better understanding of their thoughts and emotions. Like the heroes in my childhood stories I want to help bring hope and a helping hand to those who feel that they might be on the edge.

I strive to create an open and welcoming space; void of judgment but full of support and understanding. I want to meet you, understand you and encourage you. Let’s put you back on the road to a more fulfilling life!