Troy Pound

Troy Pound
Counselor 1

I was born to a long line of farmers and ranchers and spent most of my formative years in Texas and Oklahoma. Oregon has been my home for twenty years now and I really enjoy it! The snow capped mountains; tall timbers and crashing pacific swells still inspire awe.

I enjoy working with my hands and putting in a full day’s work. For fun I usually enjoy spending a day on the town with my wife. Most of the year you’ll also find me taking in the scenery from my motorcycle.

My father worked as a pastor for over thirty years. Together I’ve watched my parents face and overcome many challenges. Along the way a passion for seeking truth and helping others was instilled in me. My most invaluable inheritance…a strong belief every life holds immeasurable value and great purpose.

I have served as pastor myself since 1996. Hard to believe it’s been so long! It has been an honor to assist families, students and adults of all ages. Empowering them to discover purpose. Equipping them to reach their goals. Partnering for effectiveness.

I believe in a goal directed, collaborative approach to change. Together we will focus on what you want to achieve. With our eyes focused largely on the present and toward the future we will discover the strengths and resources you posses. We utilize these to help you reach your desired goal.

Together we will discover the positive directions for change you desire.

Dan Hooley, MA Intern

Dan Hooley
MA Intern

My life could probably be somewhat defined by the Tim Magraw song, “Humble and Kind” because many of the lyrics capture what was instilled in those of us who grew up where I did. Notions like, “don’t steal, cheat, or lie “and “Help the next one in line” also “hold the door, say please, …thank you” but mostly, “don’t take for granted the love this life gives you”. These lines are easier sung alone in my truck barreling down the road than lived. They do give us pause though, to think what “are” the important elements in life and how do I find them or live them out. For me counseling can maybe help with these questions or the search for a simpler life. Could I get a double shot of less anxiety to go…PLEASE!

Growing up in the rural timbered Aims community nestled in the cascade foothills, I developed an affinity for exploring and the curiosity related to the great expansive outdoors. Multiple experiences of hiking, fishing, and riding my bike to friends’ houses helped me establish self-reliance and a love of nature. It was only natural that I pursued employment in these same woods and countryside I grew up in, that’s what young adults did where I grew up. What I also developed growing up in this country setting was a sense of connection and relationship with its people. I began to seek out helping others through various volunteer opportunities within the community and discovered I was gifted in ministering to people’s needs, especially kids and teens. I gladly began to fill much of my free time volunteering as a coach, church youth worker, or camp counselor.

These activities energized me to do more. So after many years of procrastination and the “raising up” of my two super kids (Josh and Kailyn) in tandem with my wonderful wife of 27 years (Deanne) I began taking classes with the goal of someday putting my passion for young people into a second career. I am now in my last months of finishing my master’s degree in counseling thru internship. This process has not been easy mainly because I am not a natural student but I have allowed my passion for others to fuel me towards completion. My main goal in developing this new career is to come alongside struggling people and be of some aid as I have been assisted through the art of counseling in my own personal journey. Hopefully, this snapshot conveys I care, I know how to roll up my sleeves, and there are answers for those who look. Like the song also says, “don’t expect a free ride from no one”, counseling with me will be a loving team effort and hopefully never boring!


At Life Encounter Counseling we hunt for the best most respectful interns we can find. We do this because it creates an excellent opportunity for you!

Our Pre-Master’s interns are Master’s degree candidates that are near the end of their education. The just have a tiny ways to go and that is where we come in. They need real world experience. However, in the world of counseling we don’t just “throw them in” like what might happen in internships in other fields. That’s because counseling is special.

You Are Important

Sometimes people’s lives are even on the line! So they must maintain regular supervision meetings with experienced licensed professionals.

They must meet with clinical supervisors in their graduate university program. Likewise they must meet with our supervisor here at Life Encounter Counseling in order to be sure they are acting from their education, intuition and using best practices correctly.

That means their hours toward graduation don’t count unless our supervisor AND the supervisor at the university signs off on every single hour.

Leveling Up

The exception to needing a sign off is with level 2 interns who have met the university requirements for hours but have not yet graduated. These interns are waiting for graduation and thus do not receive supervision at their university.

However they continue in weekly supervision at our site. Due to their experience the fee schedule is slightly adjusted.

For you then it is a GREAT opportunity you will have access to the intellect and experience of many professionals all at once for a great low fee!

Keep in mind too that these interns know their stuff. They are highly educated and highly motivated to meet with you.

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