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Our Mission

Life Encounter Counseling Services intends to foster a helpful and encouraging environment for personal growth through a measured and safe encounter with the realities of life.

Key to Growth

85% of a successful counseling process is the relationship that you have with your counselor. It is not based in what they know or what degrees they have! A “click” the first session doesn’t happen all the time! You will know if it is a good “fit” within 3 sessions.

Safe Encounter

Trust, respect, predictability and consistency. These are the elements of a safe encounter! Our intention is to promote and facilitate this kind of environment for you!

Life Encounter Counseling, Licensed Professional Counselor, Tigard, Oregon, 97223

Nathan Hawkins, M.A., MFT, LPC

Therapist Lake Oswego Therapist
verified by Psychology Today

verified by Psychology Today



Nathan W. Hawkins

Take care of your thoughts when you’re alone and take care of your words when you’re with people. Zig Ziglar

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Medication? You move through the world everyday mostly in your own head. You're you! If you're in a bad mood it's real to you it's not because you "need meds." I have never met one person that WANTS to be on medication. People typically acquiesce. I would ask you, What if that bad mood is simply the result of your body not producing something it should have? What if it has nothing to do with your experience and only to do with your body? You can adapt to experience. Your friends and family understand experience. But your body lacking can't just be adapted to and your mood will confuse your friends/family. Something to consider... ... See MoreSee Less

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Just a quick note to you folks out there that may be a little shocked to see the difference in the waiting area! I put 2 different chairs in there. I feel like that is a little more functional. Have a good weekend! ... See MoreSee Less

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"I don't hit the bottle anymore I just work passionately!" ~Sounds good on the surface but really this is just trading one addiction for another. Workaholism can cause a lot of damage. The trick is to learn how to process the emotion you are trying to avoid. ... See MoreSee Less

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